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Mueller Inc.

Private Manufacturing 500 - 1,000 Employees Headquartered in Ballinger, TX 7 Active Jobs

Our business began 85 years ago, when Walter Mueller opened the Mueller Sheet Metal Company in Ballinger, Texas. He provided high-quality water cisterns crafted from sheet metal to local farmers and ranchers. Over the years, the business expanded to include other sheet metal products related to building construction.

The company was purchased in 1984 by the Burly Corporation, a privately held firm owned by the Davenport family. Ever since, Mueller has experienced rapid growth to become a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered metal buildings and metal roofing products.

Our headquarters are still located in Ballinger, Texas, but we now serve the entire Central and Southwest United States with 30 branch locations in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

We own and operate three Texas-based manufacturing facilities – in Ballinger, Amarillo, and Conroe – where all our metal roofing and steel building products are engineered and manufactured. We employ more than 600 people, who are proud to produce products that are "Made in the USA."

If you ever have a question about our products or service, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you!


The following is a summary of benefits provided to employees of Mueller, Inc. All new employees will receive a detailed packet of information about eligibility, enrollment and other important information upon reporting to work at the appropriate location.
  • Incentive Compensation Incentive compensation programs, i.e., gainsharing, sales commissions, etc., are offered according to position groups. All full-time employees have an opportunity to receive cash rewards based on selected performance measures. Rewards are provided to those employees, teams and business units who demonstrate meaningful and outstanding performance.
  • Health Insurance Mueller offers an exceptional medical and prescription drug program. Coverage is available for all full-time employees and their dependents, with no payroll deduction (premium) costs to the employee including dependent coverage! Spousal coverage is available for a nominal fee.
  • Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance A life insurance policy is provided at no cost to all full-time employees at the rate of 1.5 (150%) of the employee's base annual salary. An accidental death & dismemberment insurance policy is also provided at no cost to all full-time employees.
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance Mueller provides LTD insurance to qualified employees which gives them the security of knowing that if they become disabled, replacement income is available to help them maintain their present lifestyle. This benefit is provided at no cost to employees.
  • 401(k) Mueller, Inc. provides a 401(k) benefit to company employees based on certain elgibility requirements. Edward Jones and The Hartford are Mueller's 401(k) investment providers.
  • Vacation Paid vacation days are given to all full-time employees based on completed years of service. Hourly and commissioned employees are eligible for 1 week of vacation after 1 year of service, 2 weeks after 5 years of service, and 3 weeks after 15 years of service. Salaried employees are eligible for 2 weeks of vacation after 1 year of service and 3 weeks after 15 years of service.
  • Holidays All full-time employees are eligible for 6 paid holidays each calendar year (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) and any additional holidays approved by management.
  • Sick Leave All full-time employees are eligible for personal sick leave. The level of benefit varies according to employment classification and completed years of service.
  • Occupational Illness & Injury Mueller, Inc. provides Workers' Compensation coverage to protect employees from the loss of wages and provide medical treatment service and cost coverage due to a job-related injury or illness.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Employees and their immediate family members are provided up to 6 counseling sessions per problem per year to help resolve personal issues such as stress, emotional/mental problems, marital/family problems, financial difficulties, alcohol/drug abuse, work related difficulties, and grief/loss issues. Sessions are provided at no cost to the employee or his/her immediate family member.