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MRI - Ultimate Placements, LLC

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Ultimate Placements is a full service executive search and recruiting organization dedicated to finding the right person, for the right job, for the right company at the right time -- The Ultimate Placement. We offer unrivaled dedication to help our clients and the candidates we work with achieve their goals.

As an MRINetwork affiliate, we are part of the world's largest and most successful managerial, technical and executive search company. We provide a full range of search and recruiting services, including contingency, priority, dedicated, and global searches. Whether the need is to fill one critical position or a project to hire hundreds, or contract employees, Ultimate Placements and MRINetwork is the recruiting solution provider of choice.

The MRINetwork now exceeds 1,100 offices worldwide, with more than 4,500 search professionals in 28 countries, and over 100 offices in the United Kingdom alone. No other search company approaches MRINetwork in size and scope.


Ultimate Placements' mission is to provide Intelligent Staffing and Recruiting Solutions. Our success is a direct result of the optimal support we give our clients. We are devoted to helping them achieve their professional and financial goals.

We demand that our services be rendered in a cooperative, patient, pleasant and informed manner in order to provide prompt, dependable and beneficial service. We deliver innovative as well as state-of-the-art strategies that meet ever-changing technological advances. Motivated to accommodate all those who seek our expertise, we continually strive to recognize each client individually in order to meet "their" specific needs.


Whether the economy is booming or struggling, whether candidates are scarce or plentiful, we are your staffing partner for all seasons. Our well-trained professional recruiters know your industry. We know who the best people are, where they work and what it will take to hire them.

We get to know your company - its goals, objectives, values and philosophy.  We use that knowledge and our industry experience to partner with you to assist you in meeting or exceeding your goals. We will find ULTIMATE candidates who will assure that your goals are met.

We know there are no simple formulas for completing a successful talent search.  Most of the individuals best suited for your needs are not active job seekers. However, by conducting the proper research, using the latest technology and applying our professional expertise, we've produced an enviable record of success. We work closely with you, with our industry contacts and with our vast network of placed candidates who provide us with quality referrals.

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MRI - Ultimate Placements, LLC
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