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MRI - Management Recruiters of Honolulu

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Founded in 1965, MRINetwork has grown into one of the largest and most successful recruitment organizations in the world. With a full range of Permanent Placement options ranging from Retained or Contingency Search to Contract Staffing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions, MRINetwork gives you the flexibility you want at the pace you demand.


If you're in need of new talent to grow and build your business, an executive search firm can find and sell your opportunity to the top performers in the industry, bringing your company an immediate impact with a proven producer. This is a decisive cost/benefit advantage compared to the typical method of running a help wanted ad in the local paper and spending countless hours screening hundreds of resumes and interviewing scores of candidates. When you hire an executive recruiter to carry out a search assignment for you, you only see the resumes and interview the candidates that have already been screened out and qualified based on experience - leaving you to focus on personal chemistry, communication skills and how well the candidate could adapt to your company's culture during the interview process.


Sales Consultants & Management Recruiters of Honolulu is dedicated to helping you as a hiring authority find the right talent. Not only do we find and qualify the best talents for you to interview and consider, we also offer a few tips and guidelines based on our years of experience in the executive and sales search industry to help you in your decision making process.

Our Services

In addition to finding and recruiting the best candidates for employers to acquire immediate contributors and difference makers in their respective industries, as an MRINetwork affiliate, we also offer the following value-added services for our client companies:

Compatibility Assessment

SelecSys™ is a computer-based, pre-employment testing and screening system that provides a quick, accurate means of determining a candidate's personality traits and potential "fit" with your company.

SelecSys™ provides:

    * A detailed, charted assessment of the candidate's personality characteristics .

    * Behavior-based questions for use during the interview process

    * A custom profile of the ideal traits for your position

    * Single-Sourcing: To reduce the inefficiency of working with more than one recruiter, we draw on our extensive menu of services to satisfy our clients' complete staffing needs.

    * International Placement Services: Through our global network of staffing and recruiting professionals we are able to provide our clients with skilled candidates from anywhere in the world.