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Bileddo Associates was founded on five basic principles

Exceptional Candidates:

Our lifeblood is the long term relationships we have established over a decade in the executive search industry.  These relationships enable us to tap resources in the form of personal and professional relationships that other firms cannot match.

Exceptional Clients:

Bileddo Associates works with some of the largest and smallest entities in our industries. We work best with clients who understand and respect the value of human capital. Our clients tend to appreciate what the “best and brightest” talent brings to their organization both currently and in the future.

Exceptional Process:

Bileddo Associates constantly adapts to changing markets through the smarter and more generous deployment of resources and cutting edge technology.  The result is shorter “times to fill” through our clients needs being communicated to a wider pool of potential candidates faster and more effectively than our competition . The marketing messages and search techniques employed  by Bileddo Associates have been honed over a decade of highly successful search industry experience in multiple industries and verticals.
Exceptional People:

Bileddo Associates hires people with a desire to help our candidates further their careers and provide unparalleled customer service to our clients. We strive to attract and retain the best people, then provide them with the necessary tools and training to deliver the best possible results to our customers.


We are dedicated to locating and placing Impact Players with clients that desire them.  We are committed to a strong relationship-driven approach that combines best-in-class recruiting practices and continuous training to provide an exceptional level of service to every client and candidate.


MRINetwork™ has been a leader and innovator in recruitment for more than 40 years. We've learned a thing or two about pinpointing those people who can become the heart of a business.

Our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment™ approach is a combination of our streamlined methodology and the unique knowledge of our industry experts, from around the world, designed specifically to help target the next impact player and deliver them at the pace business demands.

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Bileddo Associates
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phone: (815) 524 2345
fax:  (815) 425-5829