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Private Manufacturing 3 Active Jobs

Whether you are a company owner or a hiring manager looking for impact players to add to your team, or your a professional in search of a great company, we’d love to work with you.  Our up-to-date industry knowledge and focused expertise help attract both sides of the party to the hiring table. Furthermore, MOLDING SEARCH.COM is a partner with MRI Network, thus enabling us to reach out locally and globally.  We understand the involvement of running a business, in addition to the pressures and demands to produce in the plastics industry. Let us help you find, acquire and hire the talent you need today

  • Executive Headhunting
  • Retained Search
  • Direct Hire
  • Contract Engineers


We understand the complexities of life, and the time it takes to search for career enhancement opportunities. At Molding Search.Com, we engage a unique combination of data, industry analytics, industry experience, and recruiting expertise to help you find an ideal match for your current skills and future aspirations.  We are constantly active in the molding market place, and have the ability to get your resume in front of the right people.