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Modern Transportation, LLC

Private Transportation 250 - 500 Employees Headquartered in Sewickley, PA 4 Active Jobs

During the past quarter century Modern Transportation has grown from a dedicated transport & trans-loader of industrial materials into a leading provider of bulk logistics solutions. Established in 1987, Modern today serves numerous material producers and Fortune 1000 manufacturers. We have built, among all of them, a reputation for being their carrier of choice.

Because we have developed a range of skills beyond standard trucking transport we can engage with our customers to develop logistics solutions that create genuine value and obvious ROI. Modern Transportation prides itself on its ability to transform a customer’s logistics challenge into an innovative resolution.

Headquartered in suburban Pittsburgh, Modern applies advanced operational and technological approaches to all of our offerings. This enables us to provide services that are SAFE and RELIABLE, yet as FLEXIBLE and SOPHISTICATED as your production needs demand. We take particular pride in our ability to establish service delivery lanes faster than anyone – whether that lane is from a new materials site or to a new manufacturing facility.

Modern Transportation hauls hundreds of thousands of loads annually from terminals located coast to coast. This expansive system allows us to provide the coverage of a national carrier with the approachability, responsiveness and accountability of local carrier. Our fleet is comprised of the latest model tractors and specialized bulk trailers – all equipped with the industry’s most advanced safety and communications technology. This investment ensures that the critical raw materials our customers need in their supply chain always arrive safely and on time.


At Modern Transportation we make every effort to differentiate our solutions; from novel capital procurement arrangements to advanced safety technology, from innovative operating processes to rigorous driver selection. But these efforts are not made for their own sake – collectively, they permit Modern to offer the absolute most reliable service possible.

Modern strives for consistency in all our processes, but in no area more so than those that comprise the character of the employees we hire. Quite simply, Modern expects each of our associates to adhere to a creed of "whatever it takes" when it comes to meeting our customer’s needs. At Modern Transportation, the definition of reliability is this: Getting done what our customers expect of us, when they expect it.

The growth and reputation that Modern Transportation has achieved since our founding have been built primarily on our commitment to reliability. We are integral to the supply chain process of some of the nation’s leading industrial firms - their very existence has depended on our providing the raw materials that become glass, metals, building products and energy sources.


Modern Transportation devotes extensive amounts of time & resource to ensuring that our operations – and the services they produce – are innovative & reliable, flexible & affordable. We take great pains to operate in an environmentally sustainable fashion, and we strive to be an active and positive force in our communities.

The fruits of all of these efforts, however, are meaningless unless Modern’s central focus is first, and foremost, fixed upon SAFE OPERATIONS. Transporting bulk materials across this nation’s public roadways carries with it a degree of risk. We understand that securing such risk cannot occur unless a comprehensive culture of safety is fostered. And for that culture to exist all of Modern’s personnel understand that safety is neither a status nor an event, but a state of being.

Modern believes we have an unending obligation to the motoring public with whom we share the road and to our customers who entrust their valuable materials to our system. To instill continuous safety improvements across Modern’s national infrastructure we empower a Director of Safety to drive our comprehensive safety focus.

The result of this singular focus and our efforts therein is a transportation system that is among the safest in the United States. Each of our driver, tractor and trailer scores in Safety Evaluation Areas (SEA) are under 20%, which gives Modern a Department of Transportation grade of "Extensive" in their review of safety measures taken.

Achieving this noteworthy DOT evaluation is also the result of numerous on-going safety system enhancements. Chief among them are Modern’s investment in:

Tractor-trailer Systems: Collision avoidance, cab integrated video monitoring, lane departure warning,

Driver Systems: Speed alarm, driver training, e-logs, driver performance metrics, accident reconstruction, driver pre-hire assessment

Modern is extremely proud of its innovative approach to logistics and our intense focus on customer satisfaction. But nothing is as important to us as operating safely – and the results confirm our success.

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Modern Transportation
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