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Simply put, Mindcircuit is a better way to recruit better people. Using a referral network of hundreds of technologists, we find the best people before they ever hit the open job market. We employ technology professionals to work with our clients and screen our candidates. Peer sourcing and peer screening significantly reduces recruiting time, effort, and cost, and ensures that our customers get the right people for critical jobs.

Mindcircuit is a innovative recruiting company, founded in 2005, that was built for technology organizations. Specifically:

  • Software Companies
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Corporate IT

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Mindcircuit offers a suite of solutions tailored to address the specific requirements and recruiting needs of software companies and professional services firms and corporate IT departments. We offer three engagement models:

Recruitment Management Program (RMP)

We manage all or a segment of your recruiting and hiring process. RMP professionals are accountable to a Mindcircuit Engagement Lead for performance and best practices, and simultaneously accountable to your hiring managers and HR team. Pricing typically consists of a flat monthly fee and a per-hire success fee.

Bulk Retained Search Team (BRST)

BRST is designed to help clients hire a larger number of professionals in a short period of time in a cost contained way. The innovative pricing model consists of both retained and contingent components. BRST programs are typically supported by our agency team.

Trusted Agency

Selected Search and Technology Consultants assist your recruiters with filling specialized, high visibility, or difficult to find positions. Pricing options include contingent, exclusive and retained.

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