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Miele’s company motto is ‘Forever better’. Without any of the puns so popular today, the message
is clear: We aim to become ‘forever better’ ourselves, and intend to be better than all the others. An ambitious, even somewhat provocative maxim. This has applied since the foundation of the company in 1899, and is therefore just as long-lasting as our appliances. Yet always up-to-date, again like the appliances themselves.

Miele is a family company – even though the workforce numbers over 15,000, including more than 10,000 in Germany. A company with its own sales subsidiaries in 37 countries and also represented by importers throughout the world, with a turnover of € 2.54 bn. Since its foundation in 1899, the company has belonged to the Miele and Zinkann families – today each in their fourth generation. Most production takes place in eight plants in Germany, with one plant each in Austria, the Czech Republic and China.

In Germany we have the know-how and specialist personnel necessary to remain innovation
leader. Miele is a German brand for which ‘Made in Germany’ is a very important international hallmark of quality. And we still see potential for growth in many countries. Our aim is the same everywhere: Miele appliances must be the best.


For Miele sustainable action is not only the values and tradition of the company, but also an indispensable basis for long-term success.

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