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Midcontinent Communications

Private Telecommunications 4 Active Jobs

Ambitious, imaginative and positive are just some of the qualities we’re proud to live up to at Midco. We're dedicated to innovating for, empowering and inspiring the people of the Midwest. Since Midco started in 1931, we’ve been looking ahead and investing in the next big thing.

Career Opportunities

Grow Your Career at Midco

Midco offers fun, meaningful careers for people across our service area. We're proud of our great opportunities, strong volunteering spirit, and excellent perks and benefits. Make your mark in your work and your community at Midco.

Our Diversity

Proud of Our Diverse Company

Midco is committed to promoting diversity and respect in everything we do. As an industry leader in our markets, Midco makes understanding, respecting and leveraging diversity a priority. We value the fresh ideas, innovations and solutions that diversity cultivates, ensuring Midco and its employees continued success in our dynamic marketplace.