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MGA Business Consulting

Private Consulting Sales - Marketing < 100 Employees Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ 7 Active Jobs

MGA Business Consulting is a thriving marketing and consulting firm in the “Valley of the Sun,” – Phoenix, Arizona. We offer marketing & sales consulting services to some of the best and brightest names in the cable, satellite, retail, and telecommunications industries. In representing the clientele and brand we do, we take pride in our work and operate with high levels of integrity, respect and work ethic. Our specialty in a relationship-based marketing & sales approach means we're able to bring our clients a stronger and longer lasting customer base with increased name-brand recognition. Clients looking for professional representation with experience and expertise in customer acquisition and retention rates come to us.

Here at MGA Business Consulting, our corporate philosophy is to unleash an existing entrepreneurial mindset with the necessary leadership skills. We are a team “built for success,” where our renowned Management Training Program allows entry level candidates ample training within the marketing and sales field. Upon mastering these skill sets, candidates have the opportunity to advance into leadership and executive positions within 12- 18 months! In a short time span, individuals with exceptional work ethic and natural leadership talent will aid MGA Business Consulting to expand to markets outside of the Phoenix area. 

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As much as we'd like to avoid it, social media has become an essential component of our social lives. Now, it has made its way into our professional world as well. Learn how you can use your social media profiles to your advantage. Take the advice of the MGA Business Consulting team on how you can keep your sites looking perfect in our newest blog.

Don't let the heat keep you inside ALL summer long! Get out and discover Phoenix's hot-spots this season by reading our new blog. Discover all the fun you can have in the Valley of the Sun here!

Every year, the MGA Business Consulting team heads out for a three-day event where we learn from our industry's top executives. It's a time of growth, recognition, and our favorite part - celebration! We can't wait to reconnect with our colleagues and mentors in mid-July! Take a look at our conference announcement on our YouTube video.

We have big news! We just struck gold and we are now officially certified by the Better Business Bureau Accreditation! What an honor! Read more about how we accomplished our goal in our new blog post.

Wherever you are, you'll never miss an MGA Business Consulting update! You can tweet us, like our pictures, watch our latest videos and more! Get connected with us on all your favorite social media sites! You won't want to miss a thing! Watch our new YouTube video to learn more about how you can get social with us. You know you "like" us!

MGA Business Consulting is Phoenix's leading retail sales and marketing firm with a specialization in face-to-face communication. Our unique approach has helped our clientele grow and as they branch out to other markets, so do we! Grow with us! Learn more about our career opportunities with our new YouTube video!

As May gets closer and graduation preparations are getting settled, you may still be figuring out your next step. First off, there's nothing to worry about, we've all been there! Take the advice of our brilliant CEO, Andres, as you adjust from college life and enter into the working world. It's all available on our blog!

As we say goodbye to 2017, we thought we should reminisce about our memories of growth. Throughout the year, we traveled, welcomed new team members, and had many team bonding activities! We're looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Read about our year on our blog!

We know he's talented, a great leader, and a fantastic CEO, but there's more to Andres than you think! Our Buenos Aires native has a lot of wisdom to share and a lot of Shark Tank shows to catch up on! Learn more about our incredible leader at MGA Business Consulting on our WordPress blog.

Career openings at MGA Business Consulting are perfect for entry level individuals looking to grow their experience in marketing, sales, and business administration! If you're considering a career and wonder what it would be like working at one of Phoenix's leading marketing firm, just hit play on our latest movie!

Our team members are on fire, preparing especially for the rush in holiday sales and the New Year! To see some of the up & coming faces of MGA Business Consulting and their promotion celebrations, check out our latest YouTube video!

We posted a new YouTube video! In honor of football season, our team members came together to talk about why they love the sport and even mention their favorite teams! There's even a special clip featuring our favorite college team! SPOILER ALERT: Their mascot is a little sun devil! Take a look.

Have you ever heard the phrase "life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it?" That's Danny's motto through & through! Despite any personal or professional obstacle, Danny overcomes it with a smile on his face and has accordingly moved into an Assistant Management role here at MGA Business Consulting! Want to read more about our man of the hour? Read here:

When you work with a team as fun as ours, you have to catch them on video every now and again, right?! RIGHT! If you're looking to learn more about our corporate culture, promotions, travels, or latest team outings, our YouTube channel is THE place. Enjoy!

We love hearing feedback from our team and are constantly looking to improve our organization based on the insight we receive. Read as we share testimonials for 4 current Team Leads at MGA Business Consulting as they share what the company has taught them and how they've grown professionally!

In a world that revolves around sales (whether you realize it or not), we wanted to share our thoughts on why sales skills are some of the most beneficial lessons one can learn. Whether improving confidence, communication or negotiation ability, sales is absolutely a successful career path!

Every year our client hosts a national client and this year it was held in the Lone Star State! Our team flew away from the Phoenix heat and enjoyed the sight of the beautiful Dallas skyline. Thank you for the memories, Dallas!

Career Opportunities

Want a career with MGA Business Consulting

MGA Business Consulting is best known in Phoenix for their continuous training and leadership development. With a well established Management Training Program, MGA Business Consulting provides bountiful career opportunities so every team member flourish.

Every individual begins in an entry level position at MGA, no matter past work experience. The only thing that levels the playing filed is hard work and personal drive. Here at MGA Business Consulting, we believe every position is valuable and has a purpose and for that reason aim to create a challenge filled, collaborative work environment. In order to achieve our expansion goals, we seek to train and develop marketing and sales managers to one day oversee office locations outside of Phoenix! Visit our careers section on our website for more about how we are built for success!

Career Opportunities Available: 

- Account Manager 
- Entry Level Sales 
- Entry Level Recruiter 
- Human Resources Manager 
- Marketing/Sales 


What is the company culture like at MGA Business Consulting?

Team Spirited -  MGA Business Consulting aims to create and provide a work atmosphere where every team member can succeed! We strive to provide office team challenges in order to build unity, while also having some friendly office fun!  

Positive Attitude - Here at MGA Business Consulting, we value a positive mindset and believe that great work and attitude work hand-in-hand! With all the career opportunities available and and a strong support team, there's always a reason to come to work with a positive mindset. 

Goal-Oriented - Our team members are driven and ambitious - naturally! The MGA Business Consulting team is determined and committed to EVERY goal we set, whether personal or professional. After all, we are built for success!

Entrepreneurship Minded - Alongside our continuous career opportunities, we aspire to provide an environment where creative minds can flourish and self-motivated individuals can reach excellence! Our team is filled with natural-born leaders ready to take on the world! 

Passion for Philanthropy  -  Have we mentioned our love for philanthropy?! With a competitive and loving team like ours, serving others is second nature! With bi-annual fundraising for international charities like Operation Smile, our goal is to continue to give back to the community.


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