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Meyer Tool, Inc.

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Meyer Tool, Inc. is a privately held, high-tech manufacturing company supplying a variety of precision components to the aerospace and gas turbine engine industries. The company began as Meyer Tool & Die in 1951, and has evolved over the years into an industry leader in turbine technologies. Meyer Tool specializes in electrical discharge machining (EDM), laser machining and welding, waterjet machining, abrasive grinding, coating and other processes required to provide a single-source solution for airfoils and other hot section turbine components.


Meyer Tool, Inc. utilizes Five Axis Vision Inspection Systems for a variety of non-contact dimensional inspections. Designed and built to support MTI's own production, the system has a proven track record for providing accurate and precise measurements on line-of-sight, machined characteristics.

The Five Axis Vision Inspection system is ideal for measuring the position of cooling holes and slots, as well as inspecting diffuser footprints, notches, and diameters. The variable data feeds directly into the Orion SPC data management package for real-time and off-line analysis.

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