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Method3 researches, develops, and deploys comprehensive solutions that drive innovation and help people and businesses realize their full potential.

We focus on turning innovative ideas into leading services that help businesses achieve their most challenging goals. To do so we must be everything but typical…The market has changed. A Lot. And unlike many talent and technology firms, we haven’t just bolted on capabilities to keep pace. We reinvent ourselves daily with research, branding, and communications at our core. That has helped us attract the necessary talent to become a human capital management and technology powerhouse, and a true leader in every sense.

Our goal…Helping companies reach their business objectives by transforming the way they think about the recruitment, retention, and development of talent and talent related functions.

Working with us

We believe talent has no limits, and we want people to succeed and get the most from their careers. We know that when people are in the right jobs, and are encouraged to grow and learn, they are not only more productive but they are also better parents, friends, partners and neighbours. We provide an environment that is fast-paced, supportive and empowering. We encourage individuals to take ownership of their day-to-day work experience, as well as their future career path.

Our people are what inspire and propel us in our quest to always be smarter, more efficient and more effective—to create the kinds of solutions for our clients that push categories and our entire industry to also be better. We’re proud not to have a house style and are committed to the belief that we can manifest our values and sensibilities in great work, defined by humanity, relevance and a desire for positive contribution.

If who we are is what you’re looking for, we’d love to talk to you. Working hard and playing harder, we hire the best, our clients expect it.

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Corporate Address
415 St John’s Church Rd, Suite 205
Camp Hill, PA USA 17011