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Metals USA

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Metals USA is a leading provider of value-added metal processing and inventory management services. In 2009, Metals USA sold over 912,000 tons of metal products (including processed carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum) to thousands of customers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Our national network of service center facilities is strategically located in close proximity to our suppliers and customers in key geographic end-markets which enables us to work closely with our customers to facilitate efficient and cost effective inventory management. In addition to warehousing and distribution services we offer a wide range of value-added metal processing services including cutting, sawing, punching, shot blasting, surface grinding and drilling. Our ability to offer these and other value-added services allows us to earn a premium margin over the cost of metal.

Our portfolio of metal products and value-added services are sold to a diverse customer base across a range of end use markets. Our customers rely on us to supply a wide variety of metal products in numerous configurations ranging from unprocessed beams, coils and plates to custom-engineered and highly processed finished products. Our local, hands-on service enables us to dependably meet our diverse customers' demands. The principal markets for our products include metal fabrication, industrial machinery and equipment, electrical and appliance manufacturing, land and marine transportation, construction, energy, aerospace and defense. Our national service center network and broad portfolio of metal products and value-added services position us as a key intermediary between primary metal producers [mills] that generally sell large volumes in limited sizes and configurations and our customers, who generally require a greater level of service and support and purchase smaller quantities of customized products.

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