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McKibbon Hospitality

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McKibbon Hospitality
Hospitality begins with us. It's not just what we do; it's who we are. Across 8 decades of service, we've developed, owned and managed nearly 100 hotels, partnering with the largest proprietors in the industry. We measure success by the quality of our work and the personal connections we make along the way.

Based in Tampa, FL and Gainesville, GA, McKibbon offers fully integrated hospitality development, management, and renovation services. Our legacy is built on a foundation of integrity, anchored in how we value our guests, treat our associates, and give back to our communities.


We believe hospitality starts from within. That's why we take the employee experience as seriously as we take our guest experience. From our competitive benefits package to our fun-loving spirit, we strive to create an environment that's equal parts work and play. Our people will always be our first investment. Our benefits package covers: physical & mental wellness, financial & occupational wellness, and personal wellness.

Career Opportunities

Every McKibbon team member receives on-the-job service, training, and development for career advancement. More often than not, that career advancement happens right here at McKibbon, where more than half of our leadership team members have been promoted from within. As we expand with new brands and as more markets develop every year, the opportunities for growth are endless.

McKibbon shares one common goal: to build a team with the capabilities to create the kind of hospitality experience that no other organization can. Through this shared vision, our executive team has led one of the fastest-growing hospitality advancements in hotel development, management and renovations. We've done this by embracing constant evolution, braving forward-thinking concepts and retaining the best talent in the business. In this fast-paced industry, it's rare to find a group of people who collaborate and share the same attitude towards business and development; but then again, it's rare to find a culture like McKibbon's.

Company Profile

What began as the vision of two brothers has evolved into a vibrant, multifaceted enterprise now synonymous with innovation, next-level service and growth. Today, we are industry leaders known for developing, owning, managing and renovating hotels in partnership with the largest proprietors in the business.  We guide every facet of hospitality development and management, from site selection, design and construction management to hotel openings, operations and renovations. Beyond building and managing hotels, we create experiences that reflect and define the local culture. We build places that become destinations for locals and visitors alike. From each thoughtful business partnership to the personal detail of a guest's experience, hospitality starts here.