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Located in the heart of uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. MaveriConsulting is a business firm dedicated to the strategic growth of the clients product portfolios and services in a rapidly evolving market. MaveriConsulting promotes an inclusive environment in which communication, innovation and timely assimilation of new market data results in solutions customized for our clients specific needs.

Our Mission

Direct selling is one of the oldest and most storied professions in the world. There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands of sales training methods and techniques that one can learn. Yet, we choose to keep the process simple and the philosophy employed straight forward. In fact, it is our belief that the sales agent should never have to convince, “sell”, the prospect. We believe that the sales agent has two primary responsibilities when meeting with a prospect. First, he/ she must educate his future customer. Second, he must create an environment in which the prospect feels as comfortable possible and can trust you. There is no reason to hide information or hold back information. Always be straight forward. When your prospect asks a question, simply answer the question. It is our belief that customers want to buy the products we sell. And, if you can make them feel comfortable and simply educate them on the product(s), they will buy without the sales agent having to close hard or push. In fact, if you follow the training we provide, many customers will tell you they want to buy without you having to ask for the order.

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227 W. 4th St.,
Charlotte, NC 28202

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