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Private Construction 1,000 - 2,500 Employees Headquartered in Houston, TX

At Marek, we believe a company is like a building: It’s only as strong as the foundation on which it is built. Our foundation is forged from a 75-year commitment to quality and service unequaled by anyone in our industry. Marek entered the fledgling drywall industry and almost immediately changed it with the way we purchased, delivered and installed drywall in the market. Through our strong industry relationships and partnerships, we have since diversified our portfolio to include ceilings, acoustical treatment, fabric panels, flooring, paint, shades and day lighting solutions as well as turn-key remodeling, maintenance and improvement services in major markets extending from locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia.

As Marek has grown, so has our responsibility as a role model in both the industry and the communities we serve. Marek is an active leader in industry organizations where we strive to instill our ethics and values. Marek's industry leadership also includes technology innovations like Building Information Modeling (BIM) to deliver faster, safer, and more efficient projects with general contractors, architects, and owners.

For more than 75 years, Marek has shaped the industry by constantly striving for excellence. Today, we continue to raise the standards for quality of work through innovations like BIM, workforce development initiatives like the Construction Career Collaborative (C3), and much more.

In every aspect of our work, it is in our nature to exceed expectations as well as remain true to the values and principles that have always defined us. It's what allows us to give our customers piece of mind on both their most recent project as well as their next one. That is the Marek difference.

Career Opportunities

Getting a job at Marek is just the beginning of what can be a long and rewarding career. Our company would not exist without the talented craft professionals we’ve employed over the course of 75 years.

Our Values


  • Customers – The Marek customer is the lifeblood of our business. Without them, nothing else we do matters. We want our customers to be beyond satisfied. We expect our customers to hold us to a higher standard for the products and services we deliver.
  • People – We value the people who work for us, the people we work with, and the people we'll never meet who will experience our projects years from now long after we've left the jobsite. Marek puts people first like we have for the last 75 years.
  • Safety - For a quality workforce to thrive, our employees must be safe. Marek is committed to efficient planning and training that makes the safest possible workplace a reality.
  • Ethics – We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Marek will never cut corners.
  • Excellence – Marek redefines the industry's standards with each project we complete through innovation, diversification of people and services, and attention to detail and teamwork. We strive to ensure the best job we've ever done is the one we do for you.
  • Community – Whether we're constructing future landmarks or just lending a helping hand, Marek employees take pride in their communities. That’s why we share our resources with those in need and support public policies that make life better for all.
  • Financial Stability – The Marek difference flows from a bedrock of financial stability. Without making a fair profit from quality work, we could not care for our employees or consistently deliver the best products and services to our customers.

Contact Us

Marek Family of Companies
3539 Oak Forest Drive
Houston, TX 77018
Phone: (713) 681-2626
Fax: (713) 681-4609

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