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Marcum Search LLC

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Marcum Search LLC offers premier levels of customized consulting and recruiting services across a wide array of industries. Our approach is individualized to the Client and the Candidate, and not just the Industry that they are coming from. Gone are the days that when it was acceptable to think that all manufacturing, or financial services, or retail companies and candidates were alike. In the new era of recruiting, we realize that the approach cannot simply stop there. It must pervade to the next level. Beyond understanding the particulars of the industry, we must be equally involved in understanding the particulars of the individual. No two companies, or people, are alike. The Company and Individual are not merely defined by in which Industry they work, but what their hopes and aspirations are for the future.

We work with a wide variety of company sizes. Everything from mid-tier companies to Fortune 100, as well as “mom and pop shops” are well within our wheelhouse. With over 1100 professionals in our network across the globe, we have one of the largest and most well connected networks in the world. This penetrates every major market and industry in the U.S., as well as some major areas of interest abroad as well. If you’re curious where your industry is going, take a few minutes to ask us. We’re sure to have seen some interesting trends not only with your competitors, but also your peers. We look forward to learning from you, and having you learn from us soon.


We are poised to service your company in a variety of different ways best suited for your particular needs. Whether it is a contingency based search or a full-fledged retained recruiting project, we are set to provide you with the absolute pinnacle in talent while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Regardless of your needs, your company’s size, or the complexity of your search, we can guarantee you the same high level of service and attention from each one of our trained and dedicated recruiting consultants.

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Marcum Search LLC
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