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Maine Drilling & Blasting

Private Construction 250 - 500 Employees

We, at Maine Drilling & Blasting, are always on the lookout for capable people who thrive in a team-centered environment. Since 1966, Maine Drilling & Blasting standards have been steeped in the tradition of being family-owned and operated. We're a close and cohesive group. We're also owners. Maine Drilling & Blasting began the transition to employee ownership in 2004, resulting in progressively greater individual responsibility in the work being produced. We work with the unity of a family and the determination of business owners.

In 2017, we moved to 51% of the company owned by our employees! What does this mean for our employees and customers?

Employee-ownership results in a renewed and improved level of engagement by employees and service to our customers. Our employee-owners know our company's success is directly tied to their own (and vice versa), so we take greater responsibility for quality, safety, production, results, and innovation.

Maine Drilling & Blasting's Expertise

Setting Earth Shattering Standards Since 1966 Maine Drilling & Blasting has earned our reputation as one of the safest, most experienced rock blasting and drilling companies in the Northeast. During the past 52 years, we’ve performed over two million controlled blasts for highways, site development, quarries, houses lots, utilities and marine work.

Specialty Services

Recognized as an industry leader in drilling and rock blasting services for the construction and quarry markets, we also offer a variety of specialty services throughout the Northeastern United States:

  • Rock Bolting
  • Rock Anchors
  • Hoe Ramming
  • Engineering
  • Public Relations
  • Pre-Blast Surveys
  • Packaged and Bulk Explosive Distribution
  • Quarry Planning in addition to Quarry Blasting

  • Come join our team and work with the best!