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In July of 1988, Mach 1 Global Services was incorporated and built upon domestic and international freight forwarding. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Mach 1’s mission and quality policy from its very beginning was to provide premier customer service and complete customer satisfaction on every shipment.

As revenues, client base, and shipments began to increase, it became clear that Mach 1 customers responded favorably to this highly personalized approach, resulting in the development of a strategic plan to increase Mach 1’s presence in key markets both domestically and internationally.

Since our incorporation, Mach 1 has provided our customer base with unique transportation and supply chain solutions in the United States with 18 company owned locations as of January 2010. In 2002, Mach 1 Aero Servicios was formed as a legal Mexican operating and financial entity headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico. Today, Mach 1 Aero Servicios operates five company owned facilities servicing our clients headquartered in Mexico, North America, and worldwide. Entering our second decade in business, we are extremely committed to our investment and customers in Mexico.

To further increase our global presence and better serve our customers with international supply chains, Mach 1 Global Services expanded our global footprint into Asia and India. In 2006, we opened seven locations in mainland China and a location in Hong Kong. Our success in China promoted Mach 1's expansion into India in 2010. We currently have world class operating partners in all other geographies and we are committed to expanding Mach 1’s footprint globally in 2010 and beyond.


Mach 1 handles your shipment from start to finish no matter the origin or destination. Each Mach 1 Global team member is an experienced professional, customizing specialized solutions to your specific needs whether you are shipping by air, ocean or ground. Our value-added services range from crating, re-packing, and warehousing to meeting the most complex logistical challenges in your business. We offer 24-hour personalized service and support, no cut-off times or service limitations in order to get your shipment where you need it, on time. This is achieved through direct flights, expeditious routing, minimal hubbing, and expert freight handling. Mach 1’s global vendor relationships mean higher standards of control, better on-time performance, and higher levels of communication throughout the shipping process.

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