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Lutech Resources Inc.

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Lutech Resources is a global recruitment business, providing a complete and integrated scope of resource management for a wide range of leading companies within the energy sector. We advance people’s careers and enable continued growth for industries both upstream (oil & gas exploration and production, Mining, LNG) and downstream (petrochemicals and refineries). Organizations we serve require top talent, by helping them find the right managers, contractors, engineers, project managers and other high-level professionals, we play a vital role within industry and in the careers of many.

With principal locations in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Philippines and United States, we specialize in the provision of multidiscipline engineering, project management and technical field staff. And we’ve expanded our expertise to include power and automation, energy, utility, and manufacturing industries. From the UK and across Europe, throughout the Americas and Canada as well as the Middle East, Asia and Australia, we are active in servicing project sites across the globe. Whatever your project needs, large-small, Lutech Resources has talent, experience to support you.

We know how to support our talent. With our rich history, background, vast resources, and access to a wide range of strategic positions with industry leaders, extensive and growing international community of qualified specialists enjoys support and stability of an experienced company that truly values its team members.

Career Opportunities

Lutech Resources has over 25 years experience providing tailor made recruitment and integrated resource management to leading Engineering, Resources, Energy and Manufacturing sector companies worldwide.

We set ourselves apart from others in the industry by building long term relationships with both our clients and candidates based on a mutual understanding of the Engineering, Resources, Energy and Manufacturing industry and a passion for excellence. We help clients find the right managers, contractors, engineers, project managers, and other high-level professionals.

We have a genuine understanding of candidates and clients’ needs. Along with a dynamic and effective service we strive for positive outcomes for everyone, every time.


Right Job

We match the right talent to the right job. We have vast experience recruiting engineering, procurement and construction professionals for the oil and gas and power industries. Lutech proudly maintains an extensive, multidisciplinary database of qualified specialists. We recruit top talent for design, process, engineering, project management, construction supervision, commissioning and startup, production, operations, maintenance and much more.

Right Place

Our operations experience spans the globe. We can meet the demands of a dynamic, international business environment. We ensure that all our systems, processes and operations comply with the appropriate country legislation.

Right Fit

Our goal is building relationships that last - relationships that promote peak performance, cost effectiveness, and a deeper understanding of business needs. We strive to meet or exceed expectations throughout the entire business process, from order to final delivery and use of our services.