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Currently, Lovejoy Empowers (Kay Sanders, MHRM) is also a Talent Manager, Finance and Accounting for Robert Half. Please send any Financial Industry resumes to

Empowers works on many other open requisitions as well. This company works in many different areas assisting many Employers to meet their needs or exceed their expectations.  Other companies Lovejoy Empowers is affiliated with are the following: Reflik (Technology/Financial Industry,) GoDaddy (Website Design/Content Creator/ Images/Customized Photo Stock,) Shutterstock (Contributing Photographer,) Healthy Leaf Organics Social Media Specialist, Recruiter & Sales Manager (Cannabidiol & The Endocannabinoid System) and Scholarship Chair of Chicago Association of Minority Recruiters (Presently in the process of being relaunched,) Pixel Podcast Host, Post Podcast Host, Recruitment, Digital Marketing, Spiritual Coaching  with Angela Angel Life and overall wellness in mind, body and soul.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ultimately begins within, by using the optimal levels of the POWER of our TOTAL BEING.

Lovejoy Empowers partners with employers and job posting boards. We work hard for our candidates and our clients to keep ongoing relationships, meeting goals and by exceeding expectations. In doing so, we work diligently to find employment for our candidates, and we submit the most qualified candidates to our clients to ensure a great match to fit their hiring needs, and the mission of their establishment. We offer other services to benefit candidates by creating their resume or updating it. SEO and the Applicant Tracking system is of great significance. We work in partnership with employers, candidates, students, writers, speakers, and those who are interested in starting a business. If you have an idea about your business, we can schedule an appointment to discuss your presentation of research, description service, products, developments, marketing, funds, solutions to the problem statement, and projections. The snapshot of any business/project is required for us to assist employers, candidates, students, writers, speakers, and those starting their new business. We believe networking is very important as a supportive system to connect the right people, to go to the right places for personal, professional prosperity. We can create the ideas for you, and/or we can arrange your data to produce the results that you want. PROSPERITY & PRODUCTIVITY COMES FROM THE PRESENTATION OF THE PRODUCT. LET US PERSONALIZE, OPTIMIZE, AND MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFILING PATH. YOU ARE THE PARADIGM, AND WE WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR ACCREDITATION. Please send service request to Kay Sanders at: #CareerBuilder #RobertHalf #SEO #ROI #RECRUITER #CANDIDATES

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