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Lofton Staffing Services

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 100 - 250 Employees 4 Active Jobs

Lofton was founded in 1979 by Tommy Lofton and has grown to a full-service staffing, HR consulting, and security company with ten offices throughout Louisiana and Texas. Lofton specializes in partnering with clients to continuously develop their business through the recruitment and retention of the top talent in their respective industries. Lofton provides clients the flexibility of utilizing employees on a full-time or interim basis, thus increasing the operational effectiveness of their clients’ business. For more information, visit

Office/Administrative, Industrial/Construction, Executive Search, Oil, Gas & Chemical staffing, Safety Consulting, Payroll services

Business Solution

For more than 20 years, Lofton has built a reputation on providing staffing solutions that companies can rely on to make their business more efficient, cost-effective and profitable. Lofton’s success is based on a relationship with its customers that is built on trust and powered by innovative temporary and full-time solutions. Solutions that put people to work with the right skills for you.

Security Service

Lofton Security personnel must meet stringent qualifications.
  • We screen with background checks to ensure you higher caliber employees – and peace of mind.
  • We test and conduct personal interviews to ensure you more capable officers - and satisfaction.
  • We evaluate and match each officer to each job, aligning skills, experience, and attitude with the task at hand to ensure you competence – and compatibility.

Lofton provides custom training by our own state-licensed instructors.
Our goal is to strive for peak performance from day one. Lofton equips the officer for the demands specific to your site. Our specialized security training for incident management enables an officer to:
  • Respond appropriately to sensitive incidents such as securing threatened persons and property.
  • Coordinate local and state emergency authorities.
  • Communicate with media.


Many companies are finding that using a staffing service helps meet the challenges of cost containment, shortages of skilled personnel, staff fluctuations, quality assurance and technological advances. Lofton offers a flexible staffing solution in response to these challenges. Our first priority is to fully understand the scope of your business and staffing requirements. We then factor in the quality control so central to today’s products and services enabling us to provide customized staffing solutions for your specific requirements. As the employer, we manage associated administrative functions, including payroll and compliance with federal, state, and local requirements. You and your team concentrate on core competencies while we handle your staffing needs.