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With a track record of success that now runs over 50 years, LMI has lots of reasons to celebrate.  We’ve accomplished far more than could possibly have been envisioned back in 1961, when we began as a small group of logistics specialists. Since then, we have grown into a thriving, diverse, 900+ person strong organization that serves every agency in the U.S. government, and numerous state, local, and global organizations. We have worked on thousands of engagements, solving problems that cross a broad spectrum of functional areas from long-standing logistics challenges to new areas, such as environmental management and sustainability.

Corporate Culture

LMI is a place where you’ll be welcomed, respected, and valued.

Ask the people who work at LMI what the corporate culture is like and you will invariably hear the same things: collegial, teamwork-oriented, supportive, stimulating… a place to stay.

As a not-for-profit business, LMI takes pride in always working in the client’s best interest. We strive to work only on programs of demonstrable value to the public sector, with the result that our work is both challenging and rewarding. LMI employees build strong bonds by working together in pursuit of a shared, and worthy, goal—helping government work better. We also value our relatively flat organizational structure, which contributes to an atmosphere of mutual respect and support for the work each one of us does.

Career Development Opportunities

Since 1993, LMI has been a Department of Defense Training with Industry partner. This program gives military personnel and civilians in federal, state, and local governments the opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience working in a commercial industry. Once accepted into the program, candidates are designated Resident Research Fellows and are considered full-time members of our project teams for up to 12 months.

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