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Limitless North

Private Consulting

Limitless North is committed to building relationships on behalf of our clients in order to acquire new business and increase their market share. As a business development firm, we love the new technology the world has been given us, but we are focused on the people.

Limitless North's mission is to provide a supportive culture with tremendous opportunities to those willing to work hard in developing themselves and others while building long-lasting relationships along the way.

Career Opportunities

We specialize in 3 areas:

  • Customer acquisition & retention (Fortune 500 companies hire us to sell their services to their customers)
  • Teaching New Skills (Leadership, Communication & Public Speaking, Interviewing & Training)
  • Developing Future Leaders (SWOT Analysis, Franklin Covey, ["Big Rocks" Planning] & Steven Covey [Time Matrix])


These days there are countless commercials for TV and radio, direct mail, and telemarketing. Here at Limitless North, we believe in the power of a professional face to face presentation to acquire and retain customers. With this route, Limitless North is much more effective through trust and integrity for our customers and clients.

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1650 West 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212

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