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LiDestri Food & Drink

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LiDestri Food & Drink has grown from our roots as a pasta sauce and salsa manufacturer to become an R&D engine, formulating and then producing innovative food, beverage and spirits for our labels and those of national and retailer brand partners.

A family-run company based in Rochester, NY, LiDestri employs more than 1,000 people at five U.S. locations. We have decades-long partnerships with some of the most respected consumer packaged goods (CPG) and the most highly inventive retailer brands.

In food, LiDestri has deep experience in making pasta sauces, dips and spreads, and we have diversified in recent years to add spirits and beverage to the repertoire. We offer state-of-the-art processing, which is key to unlocking growth in the healthy and natural beverage market, including high pressure processing (HPP), cold fill aseptic and hot fill. The company’s spirits division innovates in-house and private label brand formulations.

Customers tell us they appreciate our commitment to creating the highest quality products using efficient state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and following the best manufacturing practices. We feel proud that our dedicated, professional staff provides the finest customer service in the industry.

Career Opportunities

New employees at LiDestri are warmly welcomed into a family business where they are respected and appreciated. With the support of supervisors who nurture our talented team members for success, what starts as meaningful jobs has every possibility to grow into fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Our Values

LiDestri stands out in the co-packing industry as one of the few major contract manufacturers that is still willing take a chance on a smaller company if the product is promising and if the management is a good philosophical fit with LiDestri's team.

LiDestri operates under the guidelines of "good corporate citizenship,” providing our team members with meaningful and rewarding job experiences and upholding high sustainability standards with deep respect for the environment.

LiDestri has achieved its success by building strong and meaningful relationships with customers, suppliers and employees that go above and beyond the bottom line. Hard work, mutual respect and innovative collaborations have fueled LiDestri’s growth and sustained the success of customers.

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