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Liaison Placement Services, LLC

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 1 Active Jobs

Liaison Placement Services runs off a business model that allows high end results and low costs to the clients we work with.  Adam started the company with an idea in the summer of 2017 which blossomed into the company and brand it has become today.  Every week Liasion gains new clients and is placing dozens of permanent placed workers and candidates all over the country!!  Whether the need is field workers or management, Liaison has the tools, structure and know how to fulfull any kinds of orders/contracts thrown at them.


  • Direct Hire recruiting- Salaried employees
  • Direct Hire recruiting- hourly employees
  • Temp Staffing/Payroll Options

  • Mission

    Liaison placement is looking to revolutionize the way staffing and placement consults are done.  The way of the future is remote and we are staying ahead of the curve.  Large corporations feel the need to charge all of their overhead to thier clients, a staggering 25-30% for direct hire fees.  We know it doesn't cost 25K-30K to find a solid candidate with a 6 figure salary.  We know these fees pay for the mutiple brick and mortar locations, the salaries of the elite.  This model creates a sense of obligation and complacency among recruiters and sales reps.  Our mission is to hire people, save clients money and provide a structure that makes recruiters and account managers want to recruit and service, not feel like they have to!!