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Lawrence Merchandising Services

Private Retail Merchandising Sales - Marketing 2,500 - 5,000 Employees Headquartered in Plymouth, MN 40 Active Jobs

There’s no shortage of visual product merchandising service providers to choose from. Choosing the right one can make the difference between a high or a not-so-high level of success at retail. On the surface, we look alike. Regardless of size, most retail merchandising companies have similar capabilities.

At LMS, we understand that how we put our capabilities to work for you makes all the difference. It’s about performance. We get that… It is about working smarter for our clients to deliver the results they want. We get that…It’s about commitment, capability, and integrity. And that’s what LMS is all about.

Career Opportunities

At Lawrence Merchandising Services, we focus on getting projects done right for our clients. We are equally committed to keeping things organized and getting it done right for our representatives in the field. We work hard to make sure your job is easy and enjoyable to complete in stores. We have a user friendly reporting system – you can complete your surveys on your mobile device in the stores or on your home computer.

We provide a Resource Center, fully staffed with knowledgeable specialists available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail. We create clear instructions and thorough training programs and documents. We pay on time and offer 401K to those who qualify. We know that by making your experience in the field easy and rewarding, we will all be more successful.

What We Do

Lawrence Merchandising is a full service retail merchandising service organization with an experienced field staff across all 50 states. We are committed to increasing sales and profits for our clients by delivering in-store solutions for their merchandising needs.

We consistently deliver industry-leading retail merchandising results for our clients by working smarter than the other guys. We’ve been doing it with our partners at Target for more than 53 straight years. We’re doing it today for top national retailers and brands, and we can do it for you.

From straightforward in-store merchandising displays to highly complex programs, our average completion rates routinely exceed 98 percent. Partnership, consistency and attention to detail set us apart.