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Lansing State Journal (Lansing, MI)


If you're looking for an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives - and for a company that can make a difference in yours - consider joining LSJ Media.

The flagship product of LSJ Media, the Lansing State Journal was founded in 1855 as the Lansing Republican. Originally a strong anti-slavery newspaper, the first issue had four pages and two advertisers. In 1860, the paper's name became The State Republican. In 1911, The State Republican merged with the Lansing State Journal to become The State Journal.

After joining Gannett in 1971, the paper became the Lansing State Journal in the early 1980s. In 1993, the newspaper acquired an off-site printing facility from The Detroit News, and began production there in 1994.

LSJ Media launched its first Web site in January 1998. The newspaper launched "NOISE," a free weekly lifestyles and entertainment magazine for 20-35-year-old adults, on Oct. 23, 2002. Today, this multi-media company has multiple niche publications to serve a wide array of interests including Greater Lansing Woman (GLW); and Careerbuilder Weekly to name a few.


We offer a competitive salary/benefits package including 401(k), generous vacation, and health insurance among others. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits we offer to our employees: Gannett 401 (k) Savings Plan*: This is a federally qualified retirement savings plan which allows you to deduct from 1-50% of your income from current taxable status and invest it in one or more of the plan's investment options. For every dollar that you save, up to 5%, the company will match you 100% in the form of Gannett Stock. Vesting in the Company portion is three years. There is no waiting period for this plan. Health Plans: Full time employees and eligible dependents may participate the first of the month following 90 days of employment. A dental and vision plan is offered as well. Part time employees may participate in our health plans at their own expense. Vacation: Full time employees receive three weeks of vacation upon hire. Employees hired after the first of the year have prorated vacation time equal to one day for every 17 that is worked to a maximum of 15 days. Beginning with the fifth year of service employees receive four weeks or one day for every 13 worked to maximum of 20 days. Part time employees receive up to 28 hours of vacation each year, depending on how many hours are worked. Tuition Reimbursement Program: After one year of service full time employees may be reimbursed up to $1,500 per academic year for tuition expenses, based on grade received. Prior approval of management is required. Adoption Assistance: Reimburses full time employees up to $2,500 for eligible expenses associated with adopting a child. Gannett Spending Account: Allows full time employees to designate and use pre-tax wages to pay for non-covered medical expenses and dependent care. Life Insurance: The Lansing State Journal provides company-paid life insurance for full time employees equal to one-times their annual salary up to $50,000. *If your position is represented by a labor organization, you are eligible only if the union has negotiated participation.


Mission statementWe will be the valued voice of our community and trusted local information leader, committed to excellence every day.
Core vaulesTrust
We will be honest. Our integrity will be absolute. We will respond to issues fairly and quickly. Truthfulness, fairness and timeliness—and candid acknowledgement when we fail those standards—represent our bedrock pledge to our customers, the public and ourselves.
We will demonstrate in word and deed a fundamental commitment to the well being of this community and our industry. We will be a catalyst for change: bold, innovative, focused on results. We will defend free speech.
We will remember that the Lansing State Journal is about connecting people. We will respect the individuals who represent this institution, in all of its diverse forms, and those we come in contact with each day. We will be accessible—a forum for ideas, information and business.
We will give our best so that we become the best. We will challenge ourselves to exceed the expectations of those who interact with us. Our staff will demand that our products, service and results are exemplary.
We will enhance this community's quality of life. We will foster appreciation for the arts, sports, recreation and entertainment, especially locally. Our work ethic will be exceptional, but we will bring to our work and our customers, humor, joy and a sense of wonder.


LSJ Media is committed to diversity in our workforce. We recognize that our employees' differing backgrounds and points of view help shape a paper that better represents and better serves our community.

We're also committed to maintaining a work environment that lets everyone contribute to the best of their ability. Additionally, our Newsroom Diversity Commitee helps increase and maintain diversity awareness within all our products.


LSJ Media acknowledges that the demands on today's work force have increased. In many families both parents work, some care for elderly relatives and child care is an important issue for many people. That's why a commitment to supporting the differing lifestyles and work-life needs of our employees is an important part of our overall diversity initiatives. Fostering a challenging work environment, LSJ Media provides employees with opportunities to grow through serving on committees, task forces and special projects and providing multiple training and development programs.