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Lakewinds Global

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Lakewinds Global is proud to open our doors in Madison, Wisconsin! Located in the heart of downtown and just across from the Capitol building, there are so many awesome things to do and places to explore. Although we love to explore our city, we have massive goals that we are in pursuit of; being the top sales and marketing team for our client, regionally AND nationally, as well as helping our people develop into business leaders. The beauty of it is that we are capable of doing it all – achieve desired results, help our people reach their personal and professional goals, and have fun doing so!


We work extremely hard in a passionate pursuit towards our goals. But. We never forget to have fun along the way! At Lakewinds Global we celebrate victories (no matter how small), we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we BBQ, we play sports, we go out, and we joke with one another. In every journey, there will always be ups and downs. When we, or any team member, are down- we support one another, we help one another, and most importantly... we push each other to be better.


Everything that we do from the training and development in office, pushing ourselves to reach client targets, going the extra mile for a customer... it all comes back to the fact that we are trying to help our people reach their goals. We all have our own personal missions that drive us, but we know that we are in it together to see everyone win! After all, business is more fun when you’re in it with friends and everyone is winning, right?

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Lakewinds Global
2810 Crossroads Dr
Suite 4000
Madison WI 53718
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