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L23 Networks

Private Telecommunications Sales - Marketing Consulting 250 - 500 Employees 2 Active Jobs

L23 Networks was founded in 1994 as a direct partner of many of the largest telecommunications and data carriers in the north east. Over time the company evolved and today we are a leading value added reseller and IT integrator while at the same time have fortified our position as a leading telecom and data communications partner. We design and deliver network infrastructure, hybrid cloud, collaboration, information security and software solutions from market leaders like Cisco, Meraki, Nutanix, Verizon, Dell, EMC and Comcast. L23 networks supports customers of all sizes and vertical markets. L23 Networks always stand by its mantra: In the fast paced world of information technology and telecom, we will always strive to reduce the cost and complexity of your network and data center environments. Our customers can feel confident that they are not only prepared for today but for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Networks is built on strong business ethics and accountability. For us,
integrity, respect, professionalism, and fairness are more than just words.
They are the core principles of our business—principles we foster in our
employees. We believe that when consulting is done properly, it is no longer a
simple skill. Rather, it rises to the level of an attribute, a manner of
conduct which not only best represents our clients, but engenders pride and
confidence in our marketing professionals. Hence, qualities like those
translate to superior performance results. 


There are 4 things that make up our company culture- integrity, ethics, student mentality and learning to have FUN! Our team includes people from different backgrounds and cultures but everyone is on the same page when it comes to growing the business, delivering value to customers/clients, keeping a positive attitude and learning from each other. We believe the following are the cornerstones of our solid company values;

·       Transparency: We make sure to go over all the key metrics of the business with the team. The goal is for all employees to feel they know the thinking, responsibilities, and strategy at various levels of the company and can share ideas and feedback no matter who they are as meetings take place weekly with management across all levels.

·       Disconnect and Grow: While we want employees to have a mentality to give their fullest potential, we recognize that sometimes life will get in the way of business and everyone should be allowed to take care of pressing personal matters. Personal life goals and satisfaction is key to our company.

·       Sense of Freedom: The more freedom people have to take on tasks, manage them, find solutions, and execute them, the more they feel connected to and woven into the company’s culture. Hence, we never try to micromanage our staff and make sure everyone feels comfortable to be creative.