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L23 Networks

L23 Networks recognizes the responsibility inherent with becoming the best in the face-to-face sales industry—that we literally are the “face” of our client companies. It’s a serious responsibility, which we achieve by following the “L23 Networks approach”—a process that represents the client with integrity and professionalism while at the same time delivering superior sales results.

Our Mission

L23 Networks is built on strong business ethics and accountability. For us, integrity, respect, professionalism, and fairness are more than words. They are the core principles of our business—principles we foster in our employees. We believe that when selling is done properly, it is no longer a simple skill. Rather, it rises to the level of an attribute, a manner of conduct which not only best represents our clients, but engenders pride and confidence in our sales professionals. And qualities like those translate to superior performance results. Our employees are more than simply our best asset—they are L23 Networks. And our company’s culture thrives because each employee—from leadership on down—follows our L23 Networks.


Our business is "face to face" sales." Face to face" selling when done professionally and with integrity by our sales consultants is the most effective sales technique. We conduct "face to face" selling in the following channels:

  • Door-to-Door Sales: Residential sales
  • Business-to-Business Sales: Selling to businesses
  • Event Marketing: Representing our clients at special events
  • Retail Sales Staffing: Working in our client stores–focused on specific product sales