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Founded in March 2013, Kirkwood took off running. Unyielding guidance and shrewd decision making from our senior leadership team led to record breaking growth for our clients just our first year in business. Since opening in 2013 we have opened up two additional locations and have generated over $45 million in revenue for our clients; a figure that grows daily. We dominate our markets by outworking the competition and creating long term relationships with our customers in order to ensure long term trust; a cornerstone of any professional relationship.


Here at Kirkwood we are dedicated to helping Fortune 500 and 100 clients in their pursuit to acquire new business. We have proven that a firm handshake, a great smile and clear communication are the most effective tools in acquiring lifetime customers.  We specialize in building relationships with customers in order to tailor our clients’ message to each specific individual.  You wouldn’t try to sell a sports car to a 65 year old woman or a minivan to a 25 year old guy, unfortunately with the rise of technology; mass marketing has led big business to do just that and lose money in the process.

At Kirkwood, we provide the unique service of conducting client relations for the companies who outsource our service. We are in charge of increasing market share by acquiring new, quality business for our clients. In addition, we are in charge of retaining these clients and creating long term business relationships.


Kirkwood's primary client is a leader in the renewable energy industry. The investment from this client allows our offices to rapidly expand and develop strong, top performing professionals.
Our goal is to help our staff gain leadership skills that will enable them to excel in the field of sales, client acquisitions and most importantly experience professional and personal growth. Our training is designed to strengthen communication skills, emphasize a good work ethic and develops skills for negotiating with clients.