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Kinetic Marketing Group

Private Sales - Marketing

Kinetic Marketing Group is one of Atlanta's fastest growing sales and marketing firms. Through our unique marketing strategies, we meet clients' needs and grow their market share in a local area. Kinetic is looking for management candidates but only promotes from within. Our four step management training program helps individuals grow their skills in a variety of areas while preparing them for a career.

In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy which it possesses due to its motion. In business, a company is measured by its ability to achieve goals and conquer new markets. At Kinetic Marketing Group, We believe that accomplishing tasks, goals, and advancing people in their career is not just something we do, It is our mission. That is our energy in motion. That is Kinetic Marketing Group.

Kinetic Marketing Group, one of Atlanta’s premier sales and marketing firms, is proud to announce that they are currently hiring for entry level sales reps to add to their already thriving sales force.

Career Opportunities

At Kinetic we teach individuals about sales, marketing, training of individuals, presentations, public speaking, and much more. Our sole goal is to find the right person we can train and develop into a management role for new locations.

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600 Embassy Row
Suite 210
Atlanta, Ga 30328

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