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More than 100 years ago, our founder, W.K. Kellogg, saw the promise in a single grain. Through his passion and commitment to nutrition, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® were made, and an industry was born.

Today nutrition continues to be the core of our business. And cereal is an integral part of how we can help to meet the nutritional needs of people all over the world.

As a way to further enlighten consumers about the benefits of cereal and the importance of a great start to each day, we’ve created “Cereal: The Complete Story.”

Through this four-part video series, we explore the advantages of ready-to-eat cereals, address common misconceptions about them, and provide the latest scientific research about cereals and the benefits of breakfast.


At a time when a businessman’s worth was determined by wealth, W.K. Kellogg built our company on a different belief-success is measured in people, not profits. Over 100 years later, we continue to put people first in everything we do. For our employees, this dedication to people means that we offer not only competitive benefits and rewards packages around the world, but an environment where success is celebrated and developing the careers and potential of our employees is a priority.

Our benefits and rewards programs are tailored to the unique values of our employees in each region/market, common components typically include:

  • Competitive Salary & Hourly Wages
  • Performance related bonuses and incentives
  • Healthcare and Retirement Options
  • Paid Time Off (i.e. Vacation Days, Public Holidays)

In addition to our rewards and benefit offerings, we strive to ensure that we have policies that promote a healthy workplace. Whether it's a focus on work/life balance or the opportunity to work internationally, we continue our founder’s legacy of Kellogg Company being a place where you can grow and develop a boundless career that shapes the future.


W.K. Kellogg has given us a rich legacy of integrity, and honoring that legacy has been a significant part of Kellogg Company’s success story. Our Global Code of Ethics and K Values™ preserve our enduring commitment to integrity by shaping our ethical performance culture and by providing clear guidance so our employees and stakeholders know where we stand and how we conduct business globally. Both demonstrate our unwavering commitment to doing business the right way – the Kellogg way.

Our Global Code of Ethics provides balanced and practical business advice to help us think broadly, act decisively and drive results in a way that is legal, ethical and responsible. It highlights key leadership responsibilities that set the right tone throughout our global operations to enable us to better connect, collaborate and compete in the 21st century.

Our Vision

To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter.