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KCoe Isom

Wichita, KS Private Accounting - Finance Agriculture Consulting 250 - 500 employees


K·Coe Isom is a top 100 accounting firm and the nation’s leading food and agriculture consulting firm. With roots dating back to 1932, the firm has expanded upon traditional accounting services to deliver increased value and growth for clients through its policy-to-plate advisory in the areas of talent strategy, sustainability, federal affairs, land conservation, wealth management, and succession planning - to name a few. With offices and clients encompassing the US from coast-to-coast and border-to-border, we are seeking talent that will grow with us as we propel deeper into the food and ag value chain globally, extending our array of consulting services into diverse markets and countries.

Career Opportunities

We promote a success-friendly culture. A culture in which each employee is happy, doing challenging and fulfilling work. A culture in which the people we serve are happy, experiencing great value and relationships. Happy employees and clients lead to a happy firm that is profitable and sustainable. That makes us all happy. What more could you ask for?

Our Core Values

Mission: To have impact and make a difference in the lives of our people, clients, and the world we live in.

Vision: Full immersion in the industries we serve. This means that we are influential, have impact, and create the best and most valuable results possible for our clients. Our three-pronged approach to achieving full immersion is:

Value Creation
We understand what our clients want and need, and find creative ways to achieve results for them. We strive to give clients certainty in price by discovering what the results are worth, and agreeing in advance on the right price.

Critical Depth
We are fully immersed in the markets we serve and have the depth of experience to support our internal succession. Our passion and thought leadership ensures we are highly influential in the markets our clients operate in. We are advocates on behalf of our clients, creating and securing opportunities that positively affect their lives and businesses.

We each spend our days doing what we are great at and most passionate about. We support our people identifying and developing their natural talents. We are fulfilled and inspired – inspired people make the greatest difference in the lives of those around them.

Values - Our values are a guidepost for how we relate to the people we work with—collaborative, engaged, and joy-filled.

Be Collaborative… We work well with one another and with clients—our collective expertise and passion leads to inventive solutions.

Stay Engaged… No matter the task, we are curious—we explore, create, solve.

Choose Happiness… We see our work and life from a positive, potential-filled, and purposeful perspective.

Culture - No matter which K·Coe Isom office you enter, we promote a single culture:

—We have an environment where we can create the life we want both at work and at home. The flexibility runs both ways—at times people being flexible to serve the firm and its clients, and other times the firm being flexible to serve its peoples’ needs. We are building a legacy so the firm is better than when we found it.

One-firmedness—We do what is best for the long-term success of the firm and our clients—regardless of what is easiest. We come together as a single, integrated unit promoting consistent, not necessarily identical, client experiences that celebrate our multiple perspectives and result in impactful solutions.

Fun—We show up full of life and team spirit. We participate in firm meetings and events and thrive on challenging and interesting work. We recognize that no two days are alike and our can-do, continual-learning attitude nourishes our daily interactions and makes it fun to be here. We spread joy to those around us!

Our Mission + Vision + Values + Culture tell the complete story—why K·Coe Isom is a special place.


We provide many different services to help your company succeed. Our accountants, financial planners, food and agriculture production consultants, sustainability professionals, human resources experts, industry specialists and strategic planners can help you improve virtually every facet of your business.

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