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K2 Consultants, Inc.

Private Consulting 100 - 250 Employees

K2 Consultants is an individually owned outsourced sales and marketing firm that was founded in 2011.

Mission Statement

At K2 Consultants we pride ourselves in our commitment to daily execution in adherence to our core values: tenacity, passion, opportunity, and camaraderie.

Tenacity- In today’s business world there is no time to rest; we have the work ethic and relentless obligation to our goals, regardless of economic conditions

Passion- Without passion, there is no purpose; it is the fuel that leads to our bold approach, and our exceptional, unmatched results

Opportunity- We believe that the sole purpose of a company is to grow, with that we provide advancement opportunity for our dedicated team

Camaraderie- Through all of the different parts cohesively working together, we continuously raise the bar for our clients.

From the results, we have created a high demand for our services on a regional and national level with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world.