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Jerry L Jung Company, Inc.

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 11 Active Jobs

Jerry has 27+ years of recruiting, holds a MS Mathematics degree and had prior professional experience as an educator and also experience within the automotive industry.

He received his CPC in 1982 from the National Association of Personnel Consultants (NAPC) that became the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS, the oldest industry association within the staffing and recruiting profession. The CPC abbreviation is for Certified Personnel Consultant, achieved through professional experience and meeting the highest standards of ethics and passing a standardized written test.

Fortune Magazine has reported that one way to choose a recruiter is to ask if they've been certified.

The Jerry L Jung Company, Inc specializes in the recruiting of professional talent and works with a closely aligned consortium of 4 other firms. Individuals who either provided Jerry’s early training and contributed to Jerry's success and/or Jerry has known for a minimum of 20 years operate these firms. Please note: we do not simply put your resume out on a recruiter’s network for unknown recruiters to have access to it.
If you are seeking an opportunity and you contact Jerry in any format you can count on getting at least a basic response on how he sees your potential for a position. (97% of the time you will get a response in 30 minutes to 72 hours, if he is on travel it may be longer.)

Jerry never simply sends out a resume. Jerry will have many questions regarding your experience, skills and personal interests. Typically you may get an email with 5-15 questions. If things look positive and high potential then Jerry will spend 30-60+ minutes on the phone with you to fully understand you. Upon introducing you to an employer, Jerry will supply a personalized presentation usually longer than your resume on why you are the person they want and need.

Jerry prides himself on understanding a broad range of technologies and professional skills and abilities of engineers and scientists. Although Jerry will tell you every day is a learning experience in both. In his many years of experience Jerry has been asked to recruit top and unique talent and in some cases where maybe only 1-10 qualified candidates exist in the country. He can tell you some interesting stories about some recruiting assignments; such as, find the person to design the toilet for aboard the space station.

Jerry takes pride in understanding the career opportunities that his positions can afford an individual. In additional, he has a good understanding of a position’s technical duties along with a solid understanding of who his clients are looking for in terms of specific experience.

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