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ISS Facility Services

Private 10,000 - 25,000 Employees 7 Active Jobs

Since 1978, ISS US has been providing janitorial, mechanical, landscape, and security services of the highest quality for commercial office buildings, schools and universities, historic properties, medical facilities, retail chains, stadiums, theaters, convention centers, and high-profile events throughout the United States.

We pride ourselves on cultivating strong local relationships. We develop rapport with our clients by hiring, training, and retaining the most talented personnel, by investing in the latest technology and equipment, and by adopting a proactive mindset that focuses on preventing problems before they occur.

ISS is uniquely successful because each unit's operation manager is an accomplished entrepreneur with an equity interest in the company. A highly involved management team ensures the successful execution of every aspect of each valuable client relationship. ISS has a record of management stability and professionalism unsurpassed in the industry.

Our values

ISS has some very distinct values – in fact, it is one of our key strengths. The employees of ISS live by our values; they guide our behaviour towards our employees, our customers and our business. These values are the foundation upon which ISS is built.

Is the foundation upon which ISS is built. It is one of the core values that links each of us. Our solid reputation for honesty is the sum of the performance of the men and women of ISS, and it creates successful long-term relationships with our customers, open communication, a strong sense of being a "family" and a better overall work environment.

Action speaks louder than words. ISS is known to be very focused on our customers' business and our own. We want to prove to our customers, every day, that we are committed to their success. We have created an environment in which innovations can thrive, helping our customers and ourselves to improve.

Responsibility is a key word in ISS. Decisions in ISS are made at the lowest possible level, where the necessary insight is available. We offer our employees ownership of the company and in return receive commitment, responsibility, loyalty and initiative. This makes us serve our customers better.

We conduct ourselves professionally, promise only what we can deliver and deliver what we promise. We do not only adhere to the highest standards of our business; we often create them through our passion for quality.

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ISS Facility Services, Inc.
1019 Central Parkway North, Suite 100
San Antonio, Texas 78232