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Iris Software Inc

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Iris Software is a professional software services organization offering high-quality solutions to businesses. It services the information technology requirements of companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to medium-sized firms by utilizing specialized domain knowledge, best-of-breed technologies, rapidly deployable proprietary frameworks/solutions and flexible engagement models.

Founded in 1996, Iris is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey and employs highly talented professionals and domain experts. We are strategic partners to over 25 Fortune 100 companies and our consistent striving for high customer satisfaction has translated into long-standing relationships and a preferred-partner status with many of our customers.

The Business Solutions and Technology Services group at Iris offers Software Life Cycle Services and domain specific solutions where Iris is responsible for end to end delivery.

The Professional Services group at Iris assists our Clients in acquiring high quality talent in the shortest possible time.

We have the knowledge to understand our customer’s problems, expertise to think of the best solution and skills to deliver these solutions to help our clients respond efficiently to the ever-growing needs of their businesses.


Our culture is about providing employees with opportunities to utilize their talent and creativity towards self growth while growing our business.

• Iris believes in an open and honest environment – Trust is key at Iris.
• Iris enjoys the high level of commitment from its people.
• Iris as an organization has a very high compassion index.
• Iris provides to all the excitement of an entrepreneurial environment.
• Iris believes in providing continuous training to its people.
• Iris believes in initiating action. It recognizes and rewards ownership and initiative.
• Iris encourages and believes in new and innovative ideas; therefore ‘Ideas are heard and implemented’.
• Iris is a ‘Fun place to work’.


Our Mission Statement

To be recognized as a people-driven, customer-focused organization that consistently delivers exceptional software solutions and services to its customers.

Our People Mission

Iris Software delivers its solutions through an empowered team of professionals, where all the members are encouraged to innovate, explore, and take responsibility for their own growth both technically and professionally. Iris fosters an open work environment and culture that encourages personal and group achievement with a clear focus on delivering customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Mission

Iris is committed to consistently deliver value to its customers’ businesses and to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing innovative software solutions through continual process improvement and qualified teams.

Our Social Mission

Irisians care for the less fortunate and we encourage all Irisians to actively participate in several social initiatives. A list of the organizations we support can be found on our Social Mission page.