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InSync Healthcare Recruiters

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In Step with Your Needs

InSync Healthcare Recruiters launched from the desire to help small- and medium-sized physician groups and healthcare companies in search of the best and brightest clinical talent available. In light of the current shortage of qualified physicians, nurses and providers, it’s even more challenging for employers to find and secure the top-quality medical staff they need.

Our job, quite simply, is to match them up as efficiently and affordably as possible.

By developing partnerships that are synchronized to meet client needs, InSync acts as an extension to your hiring team. The kitchen-sink approach of many recruiting sites — with endless lists blending qualified and unqualified candidates — can be overwhelming. At InSync, our strategy is to customize each opportunity, providing a path to a better outcomes for healthcare organizations, and superior career options for the medical staff who run them.

InSync’s collaborative and open communication model facilitates teamwork both with our clients and our candidates. Not only does this recruitment process yield superior results, it’s a lot more enjoyable along the way.

Career Opportunities

At InSync, we pride ourselves in making every search experience a positive one.  With the countless number of employment opportunities and endless recruiting firms, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost while searching for your new job.

Because we specialize in the healthcare industry, we focus on finding the right job for you in your chosen area of expertise—not just any job. Our collaborative team approach allows us to determine quickly if an opportunity matches your skills, experience and aspirations with client needs and requirements.

Our approach starts with a thorough understanding of your long-term goals and interests before assessing the best employment matches. Once you have been selected as a potential candidate, we will walk you through every step of the process—and keep you informed throughout. Our goal is to be your advocate on the way to placing you in the best possible position for your career. No pressure…just results.

Staffing Solutions

Healthcare Recruiting for Employers

In a corporate world, InSync’s healthcare recruiting process is distinctly personal—and prioritizes quality over quantity. Targeted, efficient searches not only save you time, money and effort…they enable you to cultivate long-term organizational strength and positive results.

Requirements Assessment
A solid recruiting process begins with a thorough understanding of your current and future needs—as well as researching the market conditions and healthcare trends that may affect candidate availability.

Custom Fit
Just as every position is different, every employer’s hiring process is unique. Whether you need a space filled quickly with a local candidate, or desire a comprehensive nationwide search, our strategy will be to create a plan that fits your structure.

Search, Screen and Submit
Based on your criteria, we use our extensive network and a variety of traditional recruiting methods to develop an appropriate candidate list. From there, we hand-screen every resume and cover letter to ensure that you receive only the candidates with the best potential—including alignment with your organizational philosophy and business approach.

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