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Ingredion Incorporated

Public Food 10,000 - 25,000 Employees

Corn Products International, Inc., is now Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE:INGR). The company is a leading global ingredients solutions provider specializing in nature-based sweeteners, starches and nutrition ingredients. With customers in more than 40 countries, Ingredion serves approximately 60 diverse sectors in food, beverage, brewing, pharmaceuticals and other industries. For more information, visit


Products and Services

We manufacture products and ingredients used by companies in more than 60 diverse industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, paper products, corrugated and laminated paper, textile, brewing, animal nutrition and others. Our Company is committed to helping ensure our customers succeed by offering solutions to their needs from around the world.


In the food industries, corn starch is used primarily as a thickener or binder in many processed foods, and is also sold to packers for consumer consumption. In non-food industries, starches are used as strengthening and finishing components in paper production, and in the production of high-quality adhesives for shipping containers, display boards and other corrugated products. The textile industry uses starch to reduce friction in the weaving process and to improve a fabric’s feel and appearance.


Sweeteners generated in the corn-refining process are used as sugar substitutes and other applications. The Company produces high fructose corn syrup and glucose corn syrups for soft drinks, candy and baking. High maltose corn syrup for beer, confections and canned foods are made, as well as, maltodextrins for dry food mixes, sports drinks, baked goods and confections. Dextrose is manufactured for confections, baked goods, dry mixes, intravenous injections and other pharmaceutical applications, vitamins, amino acids and alcohols.


Refined corn oil is sold to packers of cooking oil and producers of margarine, salad dressings, shortening, mayonnaise and other foods. Corn gluten feed and corn gluten meal are used as animal feed.