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Information Technology Group LLC

Public Computer Software Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 15 Active Jobs

ITG has been in business for more than 16 years and is a financially stable company with continued growth. The company's head office is located in the Kansas City Metro.

ITG is a provider of qualified IT and Engineering professionals to companies nationwide and has proven experience and reputation in providing highly skilled qualified resources to our clients’ at the most cost effective pricing. ITG has demonstrated to its clients that it can quickly provide individual resources or assemble a team of qualified technically skilled resources to respond to their needs at competitive rates.

With over 30 years combined experience in the IT Professional Services industry, ITG's expertise is both measurable and well established. Based on established performance standards and measurements by one of our largest clients, ITG’s Performance Ratio is Five Times their other Suppliers.

ITG offers an excellent compensation and benefits package (including medical, dental, vision, short term disability, long term disability, life insurance and 401k) to our employees which has enabled us to attract, hire, and retain employees. As a result, our clients benefit from our ability to provide qualified IT resources and retain them for the duration of the contract.


  • Major Medical - PPO
  • Prescription Plan
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k
  • Bonuses


ITG has built a reputation for attracting top professionals because of our highly competitive compensation programs, benefits, career development and projects with Fortune 500 clients. We offer professionals salaries commensurate with experience and performance.