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Our mission is to provide “Inclusion” for the people we serve. Normalization can be viewed as both a philosophy and a basis for action. As a philosophy, it means that persons with developmental disabilities participate in experiences that are typical or average to all individuals. This encompasses all aspects of daily life. It includes having meaningful work and leisure activities, using community facilities and exercising the same rights and privileges as any other citizen. As a basis for action, the principal of normalization demands that persons with developmental disabilities enjoy the full range of typical life conditions or experiences that society considers to be meaningful.

Career Opportunities

Community Supported Employment

We believe that good career planning, creative job development and matching and the use of natural supports make up a cost-effective, long-term support delivery system leading to a better quality of life for persons with disabilities.


Residential Habilitation

We believe with appropriate assistance any individual can be successful in their endeavors. It is the philosophy of Inclusion Inc. that support should be available to individuals regardless of the severity of the disability.