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Imperial Acquisitions, Inc.

Private Sales - Marketing

Imperial Acquisitions Inc. is a privately owned and operated firm in Pittsburgh, PA, founded in
2012. Imperial is a fast expanding marketing firm committed to professionalism, integrity, and
the development of our people. Our unique and innovative approach of marketing our clients'
products and services has allowed us huge opportunities and growth over the past years.

We focus time and energy on development, both professional and personal, that help build on the
core values and integrity that set us apart from our competition. We are dedicated to doing all of
our promotions from within. This results in managers that understand all aspects of the business
and provide growth opportunity for our associates. Our management team strives to foster an
environment that is supportive, yet challenging. All advancement is based on merit and those that
meet goals consistently are awarded with opportunity to travel, attend conferences, and receive
targeted leadership training.


How It Works
We offer 100% ROI and this is how we do it:

Increase Sales
Provide Results
Market Coverage
Customer Service
Build & Protect Brand Names

Contact Us

Imperial Acquisitions, Inc.
401 Bingham Street
2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15203