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IMMERGE is one of the leading outsourced sales and marketing companies, providing customized sales and marketing solutions to Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders in the Energy, Telecom, Wireless and Solar industries to efficiently increase our clients revenue and market share through industry leading systems and processes.

Our Philososhy

At IMMERGE, the people are the difference. We recognize that our success and growth depend on the talent of our employees and agents in the field. We leverage our proven training and proprietary technology to ensure the success and professionalism of our sales reps, and this combination makes us one of the leading outsourced sales and marketing companies.

We efficiently increase our customers revenue and market share by implementing our proven Sales Management methods to build the most effective sales force. We deploy that sales force automation systems with clearly defined policies, procedures and campaign standards, and measure that sales force to ensure results!

We seek to push the boundaries of technology, turning Sales and Marketing ideas into reality. Our proprietary technology solutions allow us to track, monitor and communicate with our sales reps in real time. These customized sales and marketing solutions provide industry leading efficiency and compliance to our clients.

What We Do

We are a leader in Marketing Process Outsourcing and can help improve your sales performance and promote brand growth.

IMMERGE connects client brands to targeted consumers through customized sales and marketing solutions. Our expert employees are highly skilled in recruiting, training, managing, and developing talent.

Companies who partner with IMMERGE will benefit from lowered costs and increased profitability. Our strategies for marketing sales and promotion are tailored to meet every client’s requirements.

Contact Information

IMMERGE Headquarters
5600 S. Quebec Street, Suite B300
Greenwood Village, CO 80111