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IAP Worldwide Services

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of services for the U.S. and foreign governments in support of U.S. national security missions and global humanitarian aid programs around the world.

Our customers gain access to a vast international procurement network to support their mission. IAP has the ability to construct, operate, maintain and logistically support operations of any size and to act quickly in support of our customers’ needs. Decades of experience in the international workplace provide IAP with the strategic teaming arrangements required to support our customers wherever they need it.

IAP Worldwide Services puts innovation to work everyday in responding to the complex challenges of our commercial and government customers. We understand that the world is your workplace; it's our workplace, too. We build and maintain camps that house and protect employees and troops around the globe. We help keep our customers operations running smoothly and profitably by performing transportation, purchasing, warehousing and trucking services. We manage a vast array of facilities - from military bases the size of small cities to remote research labs. Our team also has extensive experience providing scientific, technical, professional, administrative and industrial staff augmentation.

We integrate our capabilities to deliver greater value anywhere around the world. And as partners with IAP Worldwide Services, our customers have access to these combined capabilities under one organization.

IAP is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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IAP wants every person the company touches to leave work each day unharmed. To that end, Mission Zero represents our belief that an incident-free workplace can be achieved and sustained. Nothing is more important than providing our employees and customers a safe working environment, and we integrate our Mission ZERO belief of incident-free workplaces at all locations worldwide. Safety and health excellence is fundamental to every operation across the company. IAP believes a robust safety and health program is paramount to successfully completing the mission our customers have entrusted to us. Our world-class safety program enables us to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and best serve our customers. The only acceptable level of performance at IAP is to be Incident Free on every worksite, each and every day. • Annual Safety Goals that include 25% annual reductions in the Total Recordable Case and Lost Workday Case rates. IAP has reduced lost workday incident rates by 75% over the past three years, and our lost workday case rate is 85% lower than the U.S. private industry average. IAP’s primary safety goal is to continually reduce incidents, injuries, and illnesses with a goal of being incident and injury free • Recognition from the National Safety Council in 2007 and 2008 through the Occupational Excellence Achievement Award, which is for outstanding efforts in occupational safety performance. • Recognition and Incentive Programs, both at the individual, team and project level, that recognize superior safety performance and reward employees for working incident and injury free. • Safety and Health Training Programs that ensure all personnel working under the control of IAP are trained and qualified in the work process and equipment they use to safely perform assigned tasks. The type and method of training may vary but it is always sufficient to assure understanding and meet any statutory requirements to safely complete every task. • Incident Investigation Process that utilizes incident re-enactments and TapRooT® root cause analysis, a renowned system used by companies around the world to solve quality, safety, production, and reliability problems.

Career Opportunities

We work hard to please our customers, obtain their feedback on our performance, and use that feedback to improve our customer service delivery at each operating location. Their success and satisfaction define our own success.

Customer Satisfaction in Action

Each year IAP asks a third party to conduct an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. Through telephone and Internet surveys, our customers tell us how we’re doing. The latest results show IAP continues to achieve “world-class levels of satisfaction that would be the envy of most other corporations in this or other industries.”

Customers speak highly about our staff’s responsiveness, the quality of customer service, and our quick response to emergency support requests — plus our ability to “do what it takes to get the job done.” They also tell us about the areas in which we can improve, so we can design initiatives to turn their ideas into improved service.

We see that exceptional customer service at work each day at the grassroots level:

• At our Fort Meade project, the U.S. Army has honored the IAP maintenance team with multiple 100% performance scores for continuously exceeding Army standards in maintenance turnaround time and emergency equipment repairs.

• In just one year on the job as Base Operations Support Contractor at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the IAP team completed more than 10,000 service orders a service rate of roughly 800 a month compared with 500 a month before IAP began.

• IAP has been recognized as a Key Supplier at the University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, supporting high tech energy research in the national interest.

• Customers at Camp Taji, Iraq; Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq; and Al Udeid Air Base have all issued numerous Letters of Appreciation to IAP teams acknowledging their outstanding work, seamless service, professionalism, and dedication to supporting the military’s vital mission.

• IAP government projects consistently earn contract award fees in the 90th percentile and higher — well above the industry average of 80%.


Success through Service

Service truly is the backbone of our business. Our success and our customer’s success depend on our ability to put innovation to work everyday as we respond to complex challenges with cost effective, quality solutions.

Success through Service starts with our relationships within IAP. That means every employee working together and supporting each other based on a commitment to responsiveness, excellence, and teamwork. When our internal customer relationships are successful, it sets the stage for success for our customers.

We understand our customers and how to identify their needs. Anywhere and anytime that our customers need help, we’re ready to respond quickly and efficiently. The kind of service that leads to success is built on decades of experience. That’s what IAP brings to its customers proven success, provided by proven people.


These are the principles we’re passionate about as a company the beliefs and moral compass that guide everyone at IAP in all we do.

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-Integrity and Ethics
-Customer Satisfaction
-Quality and Service


To be the most trusted provider of support services for our customers worldwide and to do everything possible every day to help our customers and employees succeed. As we build for the future, our mission of “Success through Service” is our foundation a launch pad for the corporate growth that benefits both our customers and employees. As we envision that growth, we know it comes from earning our customers’ trust. And we do that by delivering on our promises. We earn trust by developing committed, confident, and tested employees and leaders at all levels of the company and providing them with the tools they need for success. We earn the trust that fuels growth through accountability and our proven systems that ensure a job is done right every time. And we earn trust when our customers count on us time and time again to provide the support services they know are essential to their success.

-Integrity and Ethics

Ethical integrity trumps all other business demands, with every employee trained to know and do what’s right. We understand that flexible business solutions are still based on a never shifting commitment to honesty, accountability, and personal responsibility.
IAP Worldwide Services is committed to operating with the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. We want our decisions and actions to consistently demonstrate honesty, dignity, fairness, and respect to our customers, employees, suppliers, and the community.

When employees are hired at IAP, their orientation includes training about our Ethics Policy and our commitment to operate in an open and ethical manner. For those working with customers in the government sector, we make certain they are especially aware of laws, rules, and regulations which govern the acquisition of goods and services by the Federal Government.

We maintain an internal auditing office and an Ethics Hotline. Any employee may anonymously report an alleged or possible violation of IAP policies by calling the 24-hour hotline at 1-877-296-8010 (inside or outside the United States).