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We are the premier technology talent solution dedicated to pinpointing the highest caliber of human capital in the areas of cyber and information security with expertise in security infrastructure, engineering, governance, risk, and compliance. With a proactive approach to customers, regardless of size or industry, we will pioneer for our clients – producing high-quality results that align with their objectives, technology environment, and culture.

Our Mission

We arm businesses with the highest quality talent needed to effectively combat the various security risks that threaten them on a daily basis. We strive to be the preeminent and comprehensive Cyber Security & Risk Management Talent Workforce Solution firm, putting our people and our customers at the center of everything.

Our Values

Be Valuable

It is our duty as a company and as individuals to add value to the people, businesses, and communities that we interact with.

Be Transparent

Honesty, respect, and trustworthiness are crucial to the dynamic of a successful team. Always be authentic and transparent.

Be Accountable

Accountability creates a culture of responsibility. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver exceptional candidate and client experiences.

Be Resourceful

Find quick and clever ways to problem solve. This gives our clients the best service and in turn, we become excellent at our craft.

Be Tenacious

Persistence and hustle are key to success. Don’t stop until the job is done and strive for quality work with a quick turnaround.