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Horizon Solutions LLC

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Horizon Solutions LLC. was formed on May 1, 2000 through the merger of Holmes of Portland, ME, Oakes Electric of Holyoke, MA, and RERO Distribution of Rochester, NY. This merger combined the strength of three leading Electrical/Industrial distributors with a history that dates back to before the Civil War.

All three founding companies had deeply ingrained cultures of meeting and adapting to the needs of their local markets. These companies had survived through economic cycles and years of war. They thrived on technology changes and market transformations. By the end of the 1990's it had become clear to the owners of Holmes, Oakes and RERO that if they were to continue to meet the needs of their respective customers and suppliers a new transformation was needed. Bert Andrews of Holmes, together with Jim Newton of Oakes, Dick Wilson and Peter Roby of RERO arranged for the merger of their three companies; The result was the creation of Horizon Solutions LLC.

At our core, Horizon remains a family-owned business serving our local markets as we always have - with knowledge, experience and quality products. With over 250 employees and 9 branches Horizon offers the service of your hometown distributor, with the strength and resources of a much larger company.

Opportunities on the Horizon

Why not look on the Horizon to see what is waiting for you? Everything in our business can be copied by our competitors except our PEOPLE, our ENVIRONMENT and our SUCCESS; those will set us apart.

Horizon Solutions is truly a family oriented company with an intense caring for our employees. At Horizon Solutions LCC. we are all about Adding Value and Customer Service whether it is for our employees, our external or our internal customers. Deeply imbedded in our culture is the need to support our employees at work and at home and the communities where they live and work.

We understand the importance of a balanced life. This belief in balanced lives and whole people enables HORIZON employees to give the unsurpassed customer service that Horizon achieves everyday and our employees pursue in all aspects of their lives. Horizon's focus on people underlies everything we do.

Being known as a great place to work makes it easier to attract top talent. Attracting top talent allows us to bring more to our customers and offer even greater opportunities to our employees and continue our circle of success. For us, being a great place to work is good business; great for our people and sets us apart as a company.

Today, we are still a privately owned business poised to achieve even greater growth. With nine branches from Bangor
Maine to Buffalo, New York, Horizon works across borders, and without limits. Global virtual teams share resources to solve business issues and meet personal goals. Each individual is valued for the unique skills, experiences and perspective they bring. Open communication and the opportunity to bring your unique value is a vital part of our organization.

Many companies talk about recruiting the best and the brightest. At Horizon, we hire people who thrive on the excitement of collaboration, the discovery of new opportunities and the achievement of goals. They like setting their own goals and working hard to achieve them in their own style. Horizon has opportunities available in our sales, technical, customer support and administrative organizations. We hire people that want to be a part of and continue to grow a company that is equally as successful as they are personally and they want their customer's success to match.

If you have a strong desire to succeed as a part of a team focused on our customer's success and want an environment that fosters personal growth, we may have opportunities for you. Our current open positions are listed below or you may forward your resume, in confidence, to


We are dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining highly skilled individuals with a variety of perspectives from all cultures. We value varied points of view and encourage unique thinking towards one common goal; the best solution for our customers and for Horizon. At Horizon Solutions, diversity is the one of the keys to our success. A diverse workplace and the contributions of each individual, is a driving force within our organization. Women and men of many different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, skills and abilities help us see our customers and their needs from “our” perspective. For us, it is not about programs, it is good business. Horizon Solutions strives to create a work environment where everyone has a chance to participate in achieving business success, and is valued for the skills, knowledge and viewpoints they bring. As an equal opportunity employer, Horizon Solutions values individual and cultural differences and we treat each other with respect and dignity.


Horizon Solutions has a very diverse employee population and thus, must strive to understand and satisfy many different individual needs, with a broad variety of concerns and priorities, within one Employee Benefit Package. Discretionary Benefits (including medical insurance and 401K) and Time Off Plans comprise only one component of a total compensation package. Total Compensation, that includes cash compensation (i.e. salary and variable pay), statutory benefits (i.e. FICA,), and a variety of “little things”, often referred to as perks, are all intended to help make HORIZON the employer of choice and allow our employees to share in our success. With this in mind, it is also important that fiscal responsibility in product choices and benefits be exercised to ensure that all employees have the opportunity for a complete package and a sound future. Horizon has developed a Benefit Philosophy of:
  • Provide coverage that is the most valued to the most employees
  • Provide base level coverage against major/catastrophic loss due to illness, injury and/or death.
  • Provide flexibility that allows each employee to customize insurance/benefit levels to meet their individual/family needs.
  • Provide paid time off to limit financial loss due to short-term illness/injury and to pursue family, community and leisure activities and interests.
  • Contribute to and provide programs that encourage savings and planning for future financial needs.
  • Remain Competitive.

We offer Medical and Dental Insurance for you and your family, a 401k with Horizon matching funds to plan for your retirement, company provided Life Insurance, Income Protection Benefits in the event you are injured or ill and not able to work, Flexible Time Off to pursue interests outside work. In addition to those benefits you will be provided with access to an Employee Assistance Program, Credit Union Membership and several plans that allow you to enhance your package and make if fit your personal needs.

Our highly competitive benefit plans and programs are designed to support you and your family at every stage of your life and career with Horizon.