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HonorVet Technologies

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HonorVet Technologies is a technology-driven company that provides the reach of a large staffing organization with the feel of a specialized, boutique provider. Our purpose is to lower the underemployment in the Veteran community by providing them with best-fit opportunities in civilian workplaces. We are disrupting Talent Acquisition with advanced recruitment solutions, a unique combination of Predictive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Processes, and Methodologies to support the company’s “High Touch” Expertise. HonorVet Technologies deliver ideal recruitment solutions to our clients with suitable skillsets (preferably veterans, along with non-veterans, for the hard-to-fill positions).

In addition to our sophisticated platforms, our identification and screening processes assure our clients can successfully achieve their talent search and placement initiatives faster than traditional mainstream methods. Our experienced staff operates under a principle of professionalism that demands excellence. We are committed to providing businesses with innovative solutions enabling more efficiency and technological advancements.

Career Opportunities

HonorVet Technologies helps Fortune 500 and other major companies by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and select proprietary tools for accurately selecting best-fit candidates.

Our identification and screening processes assure our clients they can successfully complete staffing and project work faster than through traditional mainstream methods.

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Honorvet Technologies
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