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Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

Private Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts 10,000 - 25,000 Employees Headquartered in Torrance, CA

It starts out as an idea on a napkin. Or a daydream on the way to work. Or a wish as you're working around the house. And before you know it, you're watching it come to life on a computer screen. Then in front of a customer focus group. And finally, you watch it come off the mass production line.

Honda R&D is about being inspired, and carrying your idea through development, design, and production. It's about using the IRL racing circuit as your own personal testing ground. It's about making the air cleaner for you and future generations and making more efficient use of energy. It's about tackling any terrain with your four-wheeler.


At Honda R&D Americas, Inc., our commitment to our associates is reflected in our comprehensive benefits package. Progressive in outlook, we have developed a program that reflects our responsiveness to the needs of our associates.


Innovative features. Advanced capabilities. An environment that invites creative thinking. And always uncompromising quality. If you could design your career the same way you would design an automobile, you'd want to factor in all the same qualities. And as it happens, that's exactly how we work at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. As part of Honda's efforts to locally develop cars for the Americas, we have created a state-of-the-art R&D facility in Ohio. Here, our designers and engineers thrive on our commitment to the highest standards. They also have a rare opportunity to act as hands-on experts, getting involved in all phases of concept, design and development of new models - even when it means testing for cold-weather conditions in Canada or high-speed workouts on Germany's Autobahn.