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Holcomb BHS

Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems is a behavioral healthcare network meeting community needs for treatment, rehabilitation and education in locations throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.

Our areas of expertise include mental health, substance abuse, family support, developmental disabilities, autism and dual diagnosis.

Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems is a member of the Chimes Family of Services, and is a model of excellence with innovative, flexible and responsive solutions that are customer focused and results oriented.

Accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).


PA Department of Public Welfare:
Outpatient Mental Health
Family-Based Mental Health
Mobile Crisis Intervention
Community Residential Rehabilitation (MH)
Community Homes (MR)
Personal Care Homes

PA Department of Health:
Substance Abuase Outpatient


Philosophy and Guiding Principles

The philosophy which guides Chimes is based on the belief that every individual has the right to develop to his or her fullest potential. Chimes provides the skills and support to assist each person with barriers to independent living toward achievement of his or her aspirations and goals. The Agency recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and promotes feelings of human dignity, a sense of self-worth and the right to make informed choices. Programs and services are developed and provided for each person with special needs utilizing an interdisciplinary approach. Individualized supports and services are implemented in a manner which is culturally normative and age appropriate and which focuses on individual strengths, needs, abilities, interests and desires. To facilitate implementation, services are provided to each individual in the least restrictive environment which is appropriate to his or her needs.


Vision People with barriers to independent living will have the opportunities and resources, regardless of disability, to pursue their choices, desires and dreams. As respected and valued members of society, each individual is supported in realizing his or her personal goals, becoming an active participant in his or her community and having a social network that extends beyond the organization providing services. Chimes will be the employer of choice in our industry. The staff is the single most important factor in achieving models of excellence for people with barriers to independent living. Staff are provided the necessary resources, financial, educational and emotional, to encourage their personal development as future leaders in the field. Technology will be incorporated to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and operational performance in all aspects of our organization.